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Personal Spiritual Training

Father William serves individual men and women as a spiritual father by training them in the essential classical spiritual disciplines in the Christian tradition: Lectio Divina, Meditation, Contemplative Prayer, Discernment of spirits, and Spiritual Direction. He also teaches those who wish the religious practices of fasting, silence, and solitude.


Group Seminars

Local congregations and other religious organizations engage Father William to conduct seminars for their group in the doctrine and practice of Christian Spirituality. One, two and three day seminars are available.


Spiritual Direction

Very many Christians, lay and ordained, have called upon Father William to be their spiritual director. In this ministry of spiritual fatherhood, William becomes a loving companion of other Christians, sharing their hopes and fears, their trials and victories, and walking with them through the bright days and the dark nights that are always part of the spiritual journey. In this special form of friendship in Christ, the older brother cares for, listens to, prays with the younger and offers words of counsel and encouragement as the Spirit gives utterance.


Conferences and Spiritual Retreats

Nationally and inter-nationally, Father William carries out a ministry of the word in (1) offering single conferences on themes of the spiritual life in Christ and (2) leading groups on week-end spiritual retreats.  Spiritual Retreats differ from Seminars. The purpose of the Seminar conferences is to instruct in the practice of Christian spirituality. The purpose of Spiritual Retreat conferences is to inspire Christian knowledge and religious devotion. 


Adult Christian Education: Sacramental Theology

Responding to the perceived lack of understanding prevalent in the contemporary church, Father William has developed deeper level teaching on the mysteries of the Lord’s Supper and on the sacrament of Marriage.


Adjunct Minister for Spiritual Formation

Father William is available to offer a selection of the above services as visiting pastor for Spiritual Formation to church and para-church organizations. Times and durations of his pastoral visits are worked out with for the specific needs and interests of the inviting group. 




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