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Ministry Endorsements

“Father Wilson’s book is core and to the bone Christian spirituality. It is neither flakey, as much which carries the name “spirituality” seems to be; nor too heavy for the common reader. It is right in the center of the spiritual tradition of Christianity. I recommend it very highly!”

Very Reverend Paul Zahl
Dean of the Cathedral Church of the Advent



“William Wilson has written a book about spiritual transformation. We take great risks when we aim for profound changes in our lives, but Wilson relies upon the classical spiritual disciplines, tested by centuries of spiritual experiences and grounded in scripture, to guide us toward deeply formative and constructive experiences with God. He writes with knowledge and sensitivity born out of his own engagement with the Catholic/Anglican spiritual tradition and also his personal pilgrimage. The reader comes into contact with carefully developed ideas and William's life as well. The book has the rare quality of combining scholarly knowledge and autobiography, the head and the heart, and for this reason, the book offers good instructions and reflections to a wide range of people and life stages. We should dwell on this book.”

Dr. Dennis Sansom
Chairman, Department of Philosophy
Samford University



"Reading Father William’s book, FOUR ESSENTIALS, takes me back to my formative years with him in the seventies. Drawing from the center of the orthodox tradition of Christian spirituality, William presents clear practical instruction on the perennial master disciplines of spiritual life in Christ. The Holy Spirit works through and within these traditional devotions of the inner life to unite the believer to Christ. And union with the Lord Jesus is the unique source of all personal transformation. Anyone serious about pursuing the contemplative life and anyone passionate about seeking a deeper union with God will find this book a wonderful resource."

Rev. B.J. Weber
Executive Director, New York Fellowship



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