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Who We Are

The Southern Fellowship is a non-denominational and non-clerical Christian ministry. It engages people of all denominations on the model of friendship. Its goal is to initiate or to strengthen the personal relationship of the Christian with Jesus Christ.

In the last fifty years more than fifteen hundred Fellowship ministries have come into being in the United States and abroad. Fellowship ministry is not a church nor is it an alternative to church membership. It is an informal network of friends rather than an organized community. This ministry prepares un-churched people to join a worship community of their choice and it strengthens church members in their religious commitment within their own church.

Southern Fellowship ministry is particularly focused on addressing the spiritual needs and possibilities of formal or informal leaders in the community, but it also expresses itself in works of compassion to the poor in the Name of Christ.

The heart of Southern Fellowship ministry is the offer of unconditional friendship by a mature Christian to any person who can be led to Christ, or strengthened in his or her relationship with Christ, by this friendship. The web of Fellowship ministry grows as one member of the Fellowship introduces the minister to other friends of theirs whom they believe will profit by the new friendship.



There is no formal membership. Members of the Fellowship are not bound to any obligatory contributions, subscriptions, meetings, or other obligations. Membership is constituted simply by engaging in spiritual friendship with the friends of the Fellowship.


Organization and Finances

A group of lay Christian leaders of various denominations recognized in Father William Wilson the specific gifts necessary to serve in Fellowship ministry. They established The Spiritual Life Ministry Foundation, Inc. whose purpose is to provide spiritual and material support that will free William to serve in Fellowship ministry. William is accountable for his ministry to the Board of the SLMF which carries all financial responsibility.


Relationship with Partner Churches

Although the Southern Fellowship is essentially ecumenical, it works in tandem with local congregations by offering teaching, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction to members of the congregation, under the authority of the local pastor. Un-churched persons, drawn to Christ by the ministry of the Southern Fellowship, are directed to join a Partner church most appropriate to the individual. Partner churches do not formally employ the Fellowship minister but they may include the Southern Fellowship in their outreach grants.

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